The goal in the focus

“We will not be able to do without fossil energy for the foreseeable future, but it does not have to remain centerstage.”

Dr. Alexander Jäger-Bloh


Once the detailed planning phase of the wind farm or solar plant has been finished and all building permits have been procured, construction may begin.

Our project team directs the construction phase as a general contractor – from groundbreaking to the handover of the keys to the plant operator. We take care of the components and coordinate delivery and assembly schedule with manufacturers.

At the same time, we handle the design plans for access roads, cable routes, and grid connections. Furthermore, we take care of calls for tenders, contracts and supervision of cable installation, transfer stations, electrical substations, and digging work. We perform all construction supervision in compliance with the law, coordinate relevant safety measures, and handle documentation.

In cooperation with grid operators and telecommunication providers, we coordinate cooperation with experts and engineers, such as geologists, structural analysts, auditors, and experts for wind turbines.