Using synergies

The success of our projects is based on good partnerships for many years. For us, cooperation founded on trust stakeholders is always important.


Independent firms in the renewable energy sector have been closely cooperating since 1998 to represent the deanGruppe, which has its headquarters in Neustadt am Rübenberge near Hanover. There, projects in Germany and abroad are developed and managed.

Our know how

Our core competence covers all services for wind, solar, and bioenergy from project planning to financing, construction, and financial and technical management, along with direct sales of electricity. Our teams consist of engineers, technicians, and economic experts who are specialists in the field of renewable energy. Our expertise guarantees an optimal level of experience, competence, security and profitability.

Our goals

Environmental protection and return on investments can go hand-in-hand, as the success of our projects demonstrates. In all of our actions, we focus on the highest quality at the lowest price, along with long-term profitability. We go down this path with initiators, investors, and landowners. This approach paves the way for projects that benefit everyone. For example, the deanGruppe keeps projects in its property but also offers them to investors, preferably local ones, to ensure added value in the projects’ direct periphery.


Renewable energy works with the forces of nature. We work in the midst of nature in the Neustadt area, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Hanover region. Get to know us. Here, we present our executive board: